Involved in every step of the journey, my dogs have shared and shaped the meticulous design, development and prototyping of each of the beautiful garments we construct today.

Struggling to dress three reluctant dogs in fussy harnesses and coats, I would end up stressed and cross.

I needed to streamline the daily chaos, and finding nothing on the market which was practical in either fit or quality, I set out to design my own perfect solution. Garments which were luxurious but simple to put on, properly fitting and most importantly practical, making my dogs and my own life easier and happier.

Fast forward four years, hundreds of prototypes, fabrics and construction methods… We now have a full collection which covers every season and aims to solve all of the frustrating issues faced with other small dog harnesses and coats.

I hope you love our garments as much as you love your dogs.

– Michela Hayes-Griffin (Designer & Founder)

Brown Dachshund wearing black wondercoat dachshund harness

Our values


High end materials for top performance


Responsibly sourced materials


Our commitment to dogs, and their need for comfort and practicality stands at the forefront of each of our products