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What's so wonderful about Wondercoat?

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All of our products feature a step in design and strong velcro fastening. Getting ready for a walk has never been so easy.


The whole Wondercoat collection is constructed from high-grade performance materials to ensure your Dachshund is always warm, dry and comfortable.


Our Dachshund harnesses and coats are designed specifically to minimise the ability to pull out backwards.

"I have had dogs for years but never yet encountered such high quality harnesses. I now have an array of these products for my three dogs as I am so impressed with the quality."

Rebecca Mcclave

"It was impossible to find a fleece that fit right and kept my two sausages warm and dry in the winter… until I discovered Wondercoat!"

Amy (Minnie & Pickle)

Pup is not only warm, clean AND stylish, but I can remove the fleece layer when we get to a warmer location without even unclipping her from her harness. Definitely a great investment!

Nicole & Peach