New Collab

The Sausage Pit X Wondercoat

When I first heard about ‘The Sausage Pit’, I was intrigued… Was there really another company as dachshund obsessed as ours, designing luxury products specifically for Sausage dogs? 

The collaboration has been a natural fit from the start… The Sausage Pit x Wondercoat collection brings together two like minded experts in Dachshund specific design. Creating luxurious, functional products which work together to reflect our joint love for these wonderful dogs and a dedication to British design and craftsmanship.

Specialists in crafting luxury dog carriers and dog beds for Dachshunds, ‘The Sausage Pit’ have carved a unique gap in the market. Similarly I have designed the perfect harness I needed for my own Dachshunds, resulting in meticulously tailored garments focusing on performance, safety and comfort. 

This will be the first time we have utilised the brand new version of our harness, upgrading our current garment with a new double-mesh construction to build enhanced durability and longevity into our design. 

Perfect for dachshund owners who value safety, durability, comfort and a sleek design aesthetic.

The collaboration features ‘The Sausage Pit’ Soho Carrier in smart black faux leather fabrics with the ‘Wondercoat’ latest upgraded, performance harness with orange accents and breathable double mesh construction.

The ‘Soho Carrier’ bag can be ordered in two sizes while the newest ‘Wondercoat harness’ can be ordered in 6 tailored sizes. 

Practical and stylish, this collection allows Dachshunds to travel in luxury and safety, whether commuting for work or embarking on a weekend adventure, staying one step ahead of the pack.